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So here’s the scoop. Everyone has been gifted an extraordinary instrument. And it’s our belief that realizing its full potential is not only beneficial, it’s our birthright. Hi! I’m Jill and this is Voxsana.

Use your voice, change your story. When we use our voices authentically, wholly and confidently in life, BIG MAGIC follows. And through this platform we hope to make this kind of magic accessible to all, with vodcasts, blogs, swag, and a growing community. Because YOU are your instrument — mind, body and spirit — and understanding that is the real magic.

Our community is an amazing bunch. From teens and young adults, to moms, dads and retirees looking to shake things up, to hobbyists, instructors, teachers, authors, yogis, healers and speakers, all the way to music professionals — our members each come with unique goals, skills and voices, and a shared affinity for self-expression. (And I couldn’t be more grateful that the movement is growing.) And now there’s you. Welcome — and here’s to the magic.

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Use your voice, change your story

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