Use Your Voice Change Your Story

Amazing things happen when you commit to your voice on the regular, and establishing a vocal practice can help expedite your amazingness. Whether you’re wanting to speak more confidently, sing with the pros, or write the next NYTimes hit, all of our offerings are designed to reconnect you with your instrument.

Benefits of voice study

  • frees the voice (speaking & singing)
  • elevates mood
  • augments communication
  • dissolves limiting beliefs
  • boosts lung capacity
  • calms nervous system (relieves stress, anxiety)
  • increases self-awareness
  • increases self-confidence
  • boosts brain health (one of the only activities to link hemispheres)
  • grounds you in your body
  • fosters connection to self and others
  • helps forge identity and influence in the world

Work With Jill

private & group coaching, masterclasses, webinars, mentorship

Our online offerings are designed to reconnect you with your instrument, so that you may express yourself fully as you were meant to. Learn how the voice works, how and why sounds matter, and how to get your free-est, fullest, most resonant voice.

Use Your Voice
Your Story

Join Jill on April 30th at 7pm PST for a FREE live webinar and Q&A. Jill will discuss techniques that will teach you to use your voice authentically, wholly and confidently. All levels welcome. Spaces limited.


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