What is vocal coaching?

This is one of the most popular questions we get asked. The answer: it varies, depending on who you talk to. In our world, vocal coaching encompasses both teaching the foundations of vocal production and coaching individuals towards their best voice and big dreams.

Singing lessons more so focuses on singing technique and song delivery whereas vocal coaching expands on this idea with elements of goal-setting, coaching and self-reflection, as well as looking at the speaking voice itself. (At least, that’s how we do it.)

You can read more about the Voxsana method in the coming FAQs.

Who is vocal coaching for?

We gave you the short answer on the HOMEPAGE but you may still be asking, “Is vocal coaching for me?” So here’s our A to your Q—anyone who uses their voice to speak, whisper, hum or sing can benefit from vocal coaching.

I work with a variety of clients, not just singers. Public speakers, teachers, business professionals, sports instructors, and people who in their day to day lives don’t feel heard with the voice they’ve got.

Here’s a glimpse at some of Voxsana’s clients: teens, young adults, moms & dads, grandparents, retirees, business professionals, authors, life coaches, energy healers, sports & yoga instructors, university lecturers, future The Voice/Broadway auditioners & music professionals.

And yes, everyone can sing. (I know you were wondering.)

What is the Voxsana method?

Voxsana is a new breed of vocal instruction, offering the educational foundations of contemporary vocal study through a holistic, ontological, heart-centered lens. The end goal: self-integration and maximum self-expression. And tons of fun!

The method’s focus is on EASE— physical, mental and emotional— which serves to integrate your instrument and ultimately unblock the voice for connected, full-body singing. That’s the name of the game.

And of course, there’s that juicy truthbomb that guides everything we do: that you can change your voice story.

Use your voice; change your story. As Voxsana clients will attest, our work together touches on a bigger conversation: that when you use your voice authentically and confidently in your life BIG MAGIC follows. Check out our CLIENT LOVE page for more on this super cool perk.

Check out our mandate on the HOMEPAGE (scroll to bottom).

What perks can I expect from vocal study?

Vocal exercises are designed to strengthen the voice, and that includes both your singing voice and your speaking voice. (Think of singing like sustained speech.)

The Voxsana method is unique to coach Jillian Mitchell and combines an ontological, holistic approach (mind, body, spirit) with the educational foundations of contemporary vocal study. It is Jill’s belief that this blend serves to expedite results.

Just a few benefits of this integrative approach:

  • A clear, resonant singing voice
  • A clear, resonant speaking voice
  • Increased vocal range & flexibility
  • Better posture & breath control/support
  • Boosted confidence
  • Objectivity (healthier mindset & inner dialogue)
  • A great relationship to practicing, to your voice
  • Better connection to your audience
  • A singing practice that’s consistent and joyful

What happens at a vocal lesson?

Magic. Together, we explore the voice and all its wonders by releasing tension to activate full-body singing. The result? Maximum self-expression. (And a whole lotta fun!) Lessons are customized to meet each client where they’re at, while designing a clear path towards their dreams & goals.

Here are the areas of focus that are important to us:

  • vocal technique (to increase breath support, range, flexibility, endurance & resonance)
  • song study (vocal technique & emotional delivery)
  • customized practice routines
  • genre study
  • audition preparation
  • a deeper look at your instrument, including vocal anatomy, wellness, mindfulness and nutrition
  • busting through vocal limitations with a growth mindset
  • tips to keep practice joyful while expediting results
  • speaking voice analysis
  • music theory
  • sheet music study & aural study
  • harmony work
  • improv training (riffs, runs, scats)
  • ear training, sight singing
  • plus—as they say in the biz— a whole lot more!

What materials/equipment will I need?

Lesson materials are minimal: a binder/folder and your printed song lyrics, plus a writing utensil and some paper to take notes.

On occasion, you may be asked to purchase sheet music, tracks, or instructional material, but otherwise, come as you are!

If you’re singing online you’ll need additional gear: computer, camera, headphones, microphone, a Zoom account, and a reliable internet connection. (We’ll test this at our first consult.)

For home practice, you’ll need a means to play your prerecorded warmup tracks and backing tracks (MP3). A piano or subsequent musical instrument is cool to have. Otherwise, you can use virtual piano for reference.

Is this a music school, or is there one coach?

For now, there’s one coach— Meet Jill — and a super awesome admin team. But who knows what the future will bring!

Are you accepting new students?

Oh yeah! We accept students of all levels, beginner to advanced. No experience required. Minimum age: 10 years. 

Book your free 30-minute consult today!

What is your address, hours?

Voxsana is located at 298 Beaumont Ave. in View Royal, Victoria BC.

Studio hours are Monday to Thursday, 12-9pm. (Schedule varies July & August.)

We are also online via Zoom.

What are your rates, policies?

Check out our Services page for our rates. Please get in touch for our studio policies.

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