Voice Work: The Hidden Health Benefits

I’ve seen it time and again … working the voice results in more than strong pipes.

In fact, amazing things happen when you commit to your voice on the regular, and establishing a vocal practice can help expedite your amazingness – whether your goal is to speak more confidently, sing with the pros, or write the next NYTimes hit. (Because voice is voice is voice – at its core that is; human instrument and all.)

Truthfully, there’s so, so, SO much to say on this topic, but I thought I’d start the “benefits” conversation with these few bulletpoints.

Benefits of voice work

  • frees the voice (speaking & singing)
  • elevates mood
  • augments communication
  • dissolves limiting beliefs
  • boosts lung capacity
  • calms nervous system (relieves stress, anxiety)
  • increases self-awareness
  • increases self-confidence
  • boosts brain health (one of the only activities to link hemispheres)
  • grounds you in your body
  • fosters connection to self and others
  • helps forge identity and influence in the world

Nice, huh?

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